I'd love to collaborate with brands and designers, whether through licensing one of my existing patterns or creating something custom for you! Please send me an email with your ideas ([email protected] or through the contact page). 

I share my paintings and collages on instagram, and below are some of my patterns that are available for licensing.

Triangle Blooms

Hand-painted flowers with triangles, perfect for bold upholstery or home decor

Aster Checkerboard

Hand-painted aster flowers on a checkered background


Ship Shape

A playful geometric pattern based on cut-out paper shapes


Calligraphy Floral

Painterly floral with a modern geometric twist



Simple and delightful shapes



Pretty and delicate hand-painted fans, perfect for baby clothes or spring garments


Ice Blooms

Paper cut-out flowers inspired by the striking ice plant.


Storybook Floral

Hand-painted asters and colored pencil leaves



Geometric flowers made from half circle paper cut-outs, perfect for bold color palettes and home decor


Zigzag Flowers

Hand-painted flowers with a zigzag motif


Japanese Anemones

Inspired by blooms at the Denver Botanic Gardens


Patchwork Floral

Four-petal flowers in a quilt-inspired grid


Woven Arches

A playful mix of shapes and flowers


Tropical Floral

Painterly floral with a contrasting dot pattern


Buenos Aires

Quarter circle waves inspired by the sidewalk tilings in Buenos Aires

Gardens of Tokyo

Yuzu trees and other plants in checkered pots, inspired by the container gardens in Yanaka, Tokyo


Aster Tiles

A variation on the classic checkerboard with hand-painted asters and dots


Shape Wiggles

Macaroni shapes in a fun wiggle pattern



A flower motif made of squares, perfect for home and kids decor


Morning Petals

Hand-painted flowers in a peaceful arrangement


Geo City

A playful twist on the classic checkerboard



Vibrant red zinnias on a striped blue background

Starry Sky

Suns, moons, and stars in a mesmerizing rhythm


Shape Parade

A captivating parade of squares and circles


Quiet Florals

Delicate gouache and colored pencil flowers, perfect for baby blankets